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Travel Kit - Zander Creatives
Travel Kit - Zander Creatives
Travel Kit - Zander Creatives

Travel Kit

Looking for a travel kit that can suit all of your needs throughout all of your crazy adventures? Well YOU found it! We designed this how we would want this, because we know what you guys want.

Here's what is included (and why we included it):

  1. LokSak x Zander Creatives Bag: Keep your phone safe as it is waterproof up to 100 ft (60m), 100% Protection From Water/Humidity/Sand/Snow. Able to touch your phone screen through bag making it able to film underwater
  2. Iphone/Android disposable battery: Well we know you are going to need to keep those Instagram posts and stories coming so you are going to need that phone charged and ready!
  3. RX protein bar (blueberry or chocolate): Dairy, Soy, Gluten free, and yes they taste amazing
  4. Sunscreen Wipe: To keep your skin looking like a baby till your 80 
  5. Tooth bush: To keep your breath smellin fresh so that you can impress those boys or girls while on your daily travels
  6. Lens Cleaner: To keep your shots coming out nice and sharp
  7. Notebook (passport size) and Pencil: Keep your creative ideas all in one place
This kit comes out to a $60 value!
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