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The Mix Snack

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Sava's Story

The Mix Super Snack strives to provide people a snack food that is nutritious and completely natural. We hope to change the way people look at the food they are putting in their bodies, to change the perception on healthy eating, and to provide real results with pure whole foods.

We started our mission in early 2017 to change the way people snack and to introduce them to a healthy, raw, and the best of all delicious a Super Snack. Our founder Matt Forkas changed his diet to enjoy a healthy happier life. He swapped processed unhealthy foods for organic foods and saw a dramatic increase in the way his body felt. We would like to share this good feeling with everyone. One day we started looking for a healthy, unprocessed, on the go snack on the shelves and couldn't find anything! We took it upon ourselves to find the best raw ingredients to mix together for a super snack.

After many different trials we found the perfect mix of ingredients to share with everyone. We believe if we provide our Super Snack to elders, adults, and children we will be able to help them realize how a healthy diet will lead to a happier life! By swapping one candy bar, energy bar, cookie, or roasted snack to one of our Super Snacks you can be on the path to a healthier and more natural life. Watch and help us turn the world into a better place! Snacking the way nature intended.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We have made fantastic strides entering the market. Grocers need three flavors and we have the ingredients. We need the money to order the inventory. We plan on purchasing the following items to help us fill our orders.

Sava is living the Zander Creatives way so we are helping fund a part of her dream through 

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