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Our Northern California Road Trip

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Zander Creatives is all about having fun and doing things in the moment. So we decided to ( @jakedzander @carekettu @skylerwagoner @happy.angi @amierramore ) rent a van, book some Air BnB's, hit the road, and take on Northern California. 

Los Angeles ---> Garrapata Beach ---> San Francisco ---> Point Reyes ---> Yosemite National Park ---> Sequoia National Park

We left from Los Angeles and after 5 hours in the car we came to our first stop; Garrapata Beach in Carmel California. This place is known for its amazing scenery, gnarly waves, and sharks due to the submarine canal past the beach break. 

While we were exploring around the waves we happened to get ourselves into a little situation with the waves crashing down on shore as we scramble to get onto the rock as you can see pictured below. You can also see @skylerwagoner noticing the wave and booking it out of there (smart of him). 

Once we finished at Garrapata we headed up to San Francisco explore the vast scenery and amazing landmarks. We happened to get this super snazzy group picture of all of us just having a good ole' time.

Our next stop consisted of a hour drive north of the Golden Gate Bridge up to Point Reyes. Point Reyes is defiantly one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to as you can see the vast coastline. Photo below of me @jakedzander by @skylerwagoner

Once we finished at Point Reyes we drove back to our Air BnB, edited a few photos, and got some rest so that we could wake up and be ready for our next stop YOSEMITE. From left to right @carekettu @becca_esopenko @amieraamore @happy.angi

Yosemite is kind of a dream place for the person who loves to adventure, take pictures, hang with friends, and simply just have a good time. Photo below by @skylerwagoner

After we spent 2 days in Yosemite we packed up and headed to Sequoia National Park where the trees are as big as your car! Photo below by @skylerwagoner

This photo right here really puts these trees into proportion as you can see how small @becca_esopenko is  

As the sun was about to set we made our way back to LA to finish this adventure of a lifetime. Photo below by @skylerwagoner

Sometimes all you need is some time to get out and explore which is what we did. Getting out and exploring helps free your mind and help your creativity flowwwwww. We put a little video together of our road trip on our home page for you to check out as well! Family picture of all of us below :-) 

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