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Camera Strap Adventures: Colorado

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A special part about our camera straps is that they lead you to places you never thought you would go. This time they led us to a very unique place in Colorado Springs, Colorado called Old Gold Camp Road. The winding road up the mountain leads to roads with a cliff on one side making it a crazy adventure in a small 4 door sedan. BUT, once you are up on these winding roads it leads to a great lookout view above the city. 


Photography Adventures
If you know how the Zander Creatives family is than you know that we love taking pictures (hence why all of our products are based around photography). 
Pictured below is @grace_butlerr taken by @jakedzander
Paracord Camera Strap
Gold Camp Road is also full of towering rocks that make for good climbing spots if you like to live life a little "on the edge".
Photography adventures
And once you climb to the top of anything there is usually a pretty good view from the top! Pictured below @Camille_Chastain taken by @jakedzander
gold camp road
And the crazy thing about this adventure was that it all started with one of our paracord camera straps. Specifically The Montreal :-) 
Paracrod Camera Strap
Now whenever you have an spur of the moment opportunity you should take it! You never know where it may lead you. This was a simple adventure, but even the simplest adventures can lead you to new friendships and opportunities you never thought would happen.
Camera Strap Adventures

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